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Watup Holics!

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1Watup Holics! Empty Watup Holics! on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:37 pm

Yo My name is Jun-Jun, but call me JMan...

I'm filipino. But I live in Canada ever since I was a baby, so I don't know much tagalog =(
I am part of AsiaHolicKPop and AsiaHolicKpopLive.

I love kpop/jpop/jrock and some ppop
I love all kpop groups (especially girl groups) mwuahahah >=) BTW Brave Brothers is osm!!!! hehehe
I also love jpop/jrock. H&MC, Yui, BoA, Aya Kamiki, Stereopony

Well that's the jist of it. See you holics in the chatbox!!

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