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ALERT. jaemi33 here!

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Hello yorominna! (eck? I put korean and japanese together!) haha~

Anyway, my name is Lyka and I'm from the Philippines!! Dunno what to say though? haha~ well, I am a certified KPOP lover!! But I have my sweet-tooth for Asia! haha~ I am in charge in uploading in Youtube OST channel and I'm trying my best to look for friends! haha~

I am nice to the people who are nice and a monster to the not. lol (don't be scared, alright? haha) And yeah~ I love U-kiss and DBSK!!

I am LOOOUUUDDD as Alexander but as SWEEETTT as Kevin Wink

Feel free to talk to me about anything and I'll listen!


U-kiss and DBSK L.♥️.V.E
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