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1[JOURNAL] BEAST in MANILA Empty [JOURNAL] BEAST in MANILA on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:33 pm

Annyeong Hasseyo!!! This is your admin Paul, raiding KPOP event again. This time, it's the event of BEAT fansigning, meet and greet.

Okay let me tell you for the first day, I woke up as early as 5 AM, and I was at the gate of the mall 7AM Xp. While waiting for the gates to open, I met several nice kpop fans, some of them achieved a lot, like having pictures with BEAST, having talked to Nichkhun, attending press-con of Super Junior etc. Well they're sort of fan girls.

About 10AM the gates opened, and then everyone went RUN DEVIL RUN. lol! So the line instantly went long haha, my control number became 14 now, haha. At around 10:30 we were able to be inside the event barricade. Imagine the waiting hours, the event will start 6PM Wink

Since super bored, we made several letters and some fansign banner, my banner was for Yoseob XD.

Okay stop being sort of blah blah, then the time came, BEAST entered the event center and everyone went micheo micheo @_@ hahaha. I was like, oooooooooooh so BEAST!

The signing started now, Dongwoon was the first, said hi to me and thank you, next is Junhyung said hello and thank you, then Hyunseung, hyun seung was kinda weird, it seems like he doesn't know what to do when I was in fornt of him XD. If you can look at the sign of him in my CD his hand was shaking. Next was the leader Doojoon, and he said wow to a certain thing that I have, last but not the least, is Yoseob. He's very nice and a miracle happened, I was able to do shake hands with him @_@ Razz

Lyka and my bestfriend Mizuumi followed me and we went home safely. ME? I was still on the cloud nine @_@

The next event day, I still came because Gikwang arrived today, even though I did not buy the album this time, I had my extra album, a friend of me did a favor and made the album signed XP. Even though I was far away, I still saw BEAST as ONE GROUP. They're really STANDING TALL. Eunmin, my bestfriend liked them when she saw them, haha.

This is your admin Paul again, hope to bring more KPOP journal to you ^_^.

For fancams please refer to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/KoreanMusicVids

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