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I was searching for some cute thing to post in our AsiaHolics twitter and I came out with this. I've posted this a few weeks ago and I wanted to share this hilarious yet so TRUE facts.

Better not laugh out loud, okay? Laughing

DRAMA facts:

► Hot, rich, younger men love fat, older vulgar women.

► If you have a best guy friend, he is in love with you. And secretly you are too.

► Brothers/best friends/schoolmates/enemies always love the same girl.

► You're allowed to make u-turns wherever you want in Korea. And there is never traffic on the side you want to u-turn to.

► You and your boyfriend will always playfully chase each other on an ice rink, at the beach, or in the leaves. And you'll laugh for no reason and your boyfriend will hit you "playfully" but the force of his push will have you flying across the room. But it's okay. Cuz you're still laughing like a crazy person.

► You get to run out of a restaurant without paying the bill. All you have to do is slap someone and storm out in tears.

► There is a super quick payment device that allows you to pay a bill quickly enough for a guy to run immediately out of a restaurant after his angry girlfriend storms out.

► Obviously, everyone has cancer.

► You’ll get a flu/cold/fever after getting caught in the rain for 5 minutes.

► When you’re sick, your boyfriend carries you on his back and races to the hospital. He hasn’t even heard of taxi/buses/hitching a ride.

► If you're sick, all you need is a one day rest to make you feel lots better.

► There is vomit and urine all over Seoul at nights.

► Somebody gets into the pool/ocean with their clothes on.

► Fighting at a pojangmacha (it's a restaurant in a tent) with a random stranger is merely part of a normal night's event.

► Soju (korean alcohol) must cost 10 cents. Everyone drinks it everyday all the time, especially the poor people. (I still don't get why that's all they drink in dramas, though.) lol

► If you're rich, you're a jerk/as.hole.

► If you’re poor, you’re an angel. Wink

► Women sleep and wake up with a full set of makeup on.

► You're not studying hard enough unless you get a nosebleed.

► If you have a nosebleed, you most definitely have cancer. And you have no money to pay for the surgery that will save your life. And your liver is missing. We're not sure where it went, but it's making your cancer progress faster. lol

► Your brother is a retard. If said brother is a real (blood-related) one, he is a lazy, stupid, irresponsible bum who exists by leeching off you. He’s not even handsome.

► You always order orange juice or coffee at a cafe. And you never drink it. EVER. (they drink almost as much as soju) haha

►You will always call your boyfriend by his job title. Or simply sunbaenim. Never his name. Never. He doesn't have one.

► If you work in a sool jeep, you have massively curly hair and wear flashy colors from the early 90's.

► If you TRULY love each other, you must die together in the end. Frozen outside instead of finding shelter like sane people. Just frozen.... O_O

► You go to America you come back miraculously successful. You go to England you come back amazingly fashionable. You stay in Korea the only thing that changes is your hairstyle.

► If two people are talking confidentally, they will leave the door of the room ajar so that a third party will eavesdrop on the conversation.

► And if you come back with no apparent reason then it's because you have cancer.

► Everyone always goes to the same hospital no matter where they are.

► Even if you’re poor and can’t eat, you never wear the same clothes twice. (I agree. haha)

► If you play a poor kid, you always have dirt on your face and your hair is always messy.

► If you’re saving someone from being hit by a speeding car, you’ll push them out of the way and wait for the car to hit you instead.

► Everyone has a long lost sister/brother/twin. Usually one they didn't know about.

► If you don't want to answer your phone, you can't just turn it off. The battery needs to be taken out. (lol)

► All korean men can drink hard, smoke long, sing well and play piano. Usually all at the same time. And at the same restaurant that has a piano that they let anyone use.

► If you’re in a relationship, you must, at one point, leave the country and have your lover tearfully come RIGHT before you board the plane (vice versa applies as well. You can be the chaser.) 60% of the time you meet each other, and 40% you’re roaming around in circles in pass each other about 6 times. But you don’t see each other.

► If you’re getting off a plane, you’re always wearing sunglasses.

► All guys wear hideous tracksuits zipped up to their neck. Even if they’re only doing jump-roping.

► Girls will always storm off because they're mad and the guy will stoically grab them by the arm and swing them back- and by magic, not dislocate their shoulders. (lol, so true! haha)

► Guys always look like they're 6 feet tall, even if they're only 5'10. Thank you camera angles. XD

► Guys like to wear foundation, eyeliner and sometimes a smudge of lipliner.

► If you hit your head in a traffic accident, you might lose your memory. But don’t worry, you will get it back when you hit your head a second time.

► Surprises ALWAYS backfire.

► You always get stuck in an elevator with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if there are six different elevators, you'll always be stuck in the same one with that bastard you hate (or just fought with). (rofl!)

► In the toilet scene, there’s a high probability you get caught by that bastard you’re trying to avoid. Or maybe because you just mistakenly entered a men's restroom.

► Unless you’re fabulously rich, your in-laws will always hate you. And so will your Sister-in-law.

► There are only 2 ways to kiss. You either press your lips against theirs with your mouth completely shut, and just press away for a very long and uncomfortable time. OR you devour the other person and suck out their soul. In both instances, the world spins.

► A guy will always get the right size ring, even if you're never held hands.

► If a car ever breaks down or runs out of gas, it will happen on a small rural road with no other traffic, late at night. The area will also have no cellphone coverage, and you gotta walk the whole 10 miles back to civilisation in your 5-inch heels.

► People stare off into space and ponder a lot. They'll just stop in the middle of the road and watch a leaf on a tree for a good three minutes, and just ponder.

► If you want 2 rooms in a hotel, only one will be available, and that one room will only have one bed.

► You’ll get pregnant the first time you have s3x.

► You’ll get pregnant if he kisses you on the forehead.

► Hell – you’ll get pregnant if you hold hands.

► If you overcome great obstacles to be together, one of you must die. Probably due to cancer. (lol)

► A guy and a girl on a bus must sit in the rear next to the right-hand window. A lone girl/guy sitting at that spot will reminisce about the time when he/she did have someone sitting beside him/her.

► One korean man can kick the butts of 6 gangstas. Especially when they all stand in a circle and attack the guy one by one. Then when each of them get their butts OWNED, they wise up and attack the guy at the same time. Then the guy will get pulverized and bleed out onto the dusty concrete floor of the empty warehouse they've found to fight in. There will be a fire in a trashcan somewhere. And the girl will have watched this the entire time, screaming in horror. Instead of calling 119, she'll just watch and cry. But it's okay. Cuz the next day the guy will be fine with a few random bandages and a few face scars. But never a black eye.

► It ain't a real fight unless the gangstas fight dirty with a stick or switchblade.

► Good girls don’t drive cars. Bad girls do. Well, a good girl just might drive, but she will do it so badly it’s a wonder she was ever given a license.

► If you study in the states (preferably Harvard), you are one of the top students and can speak perfect English (as assumed by the reactions of those around you). Why the rest of the world OUTSIDE of the TV can't understand a single word uttered out of your melodramatic mouth is beyond me.

► Rich people live in mansions surrounded by brick walls. The others live in shacks atop high buildings in downtown Seoul, or in hillside slums on the outskirts of the city.

► Korean schools and universities suck (no offense ^^). To study anything serious, you must go abroad.

► For one reason or another, a guy comes out of the bathroom naked/chest bared. Utterly shocked, you cover your eyes while screaming and pointing at him, while the guy screams along and covers his… nipples? (haha)

► In every fight of the good and evil, the police/guards/people to stop the fight is ALWAYS late. (haha)

► The guys must be HOT!

► One of the main characters must be rich.

► More than 2 to 3 guys like the main girl.

► Guys know how to fight well~ Wink

► The girls are always stupid. lol

► In most dramas, girls/ guys always end up sleeping together on the same bed. Even though there are tons of empty rooms.

► The guy is in a gang. either a gang leader or just a gang member.

►There are girls who are jealous of main character, and they bully her.

► The girl is either normal, shy, clumsy, or stupid.

► There is almost always a big get together/party for 'romantic' purposes. (haha. so true!)

► No matter how tough the guy is, she either softens him up, or he's been nice all along.

► The guy always has a special hidden talent-usually singing, drawing or playing an instrument.

► Guy gets into troble girl comes to help him or vice versa.

► No matter how hurt a character gets, there are no scars left.

► An unfortunate lead of events leads a character to a near death experience.

► 2 girls always fight for one HOT guy.

► Guy gets caught when wrong girl forces herself on him. (didn't get this. haha)

► Main characters prevail over problem. I mean ALWAYS.

► The main girl is ALWAYS different from the other girls, said the guy.

► Accidental kisses seems to be common. XD

► The guy always have MOTORCYCLES or CARS.

► The guys are always smarter for some reason.

► The ex always come back out of no where. O_O

► For the girl, the family is always supportive but for the guy they're against everything.

Talking about cliche? lol!

Well, if you didn't laugh, you SERIOUSLY need a dose of some ASIAN dramas!!

Happy reading!! ^^

U-kiss and DBSK L.♥️.V.E
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2DRAMA facts Empty Re: DRAMA facts on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:09 am

miss ruby

miss ruby
hehehe so funny

the most i like is

Women sleep and wake up with a full set of makeup on.

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NEWS MOD/ Writer
NEWS MOD/ Writer
I laughed so much at this, its so true it's shocking Laughing

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Guy gets caught when wrong girl forces herself on him. (didn't get this. haha)

Maybe when a girl (with bad intentions) tries to forcefully seduce the guy and at the point that the girl kisses/... the guy, another person (mostly the girlfriend) walks in and is confronted with the two being intimid, totally not knowing the context ?

OMG ! Almost forgot to say that I really lolled the whole time xD I guess it's kinda true, not only for asian dramas, but for western dramas as well... especially the cancer part (no offense of course !).

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I love the cellphone fact... ahaha.. so funny and true..xP

DRAMA facts Snsd-marine

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Forum Moderator
Number 1 is like referring to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon". Lol! XD

DRAMA facts Vpckec
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7DRAMA facts Empty Re: DRAMA facts on Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:36 pm


Very funny! I am laughing so hard right now! Laughing

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